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It’s been almost a year that I jumbled with the classes of Al Taqwa Colege Sentul. Some of their masterpiece have captured our writing journey throughout the days. Some of the works were captured on tdifferent media, however, due to the challenge of our so-called internet connection. Well, that’s the art of living a bit far from civilization.

So, feel free to click on the links and be rejuvenated by the young minds of these talents! ūüôā


1. Ihsan

2. Rizna

3. Cut

4. Salsa

5. Nada

6. Erdy

7. Ulhaq

8. Hilmi

9. Leon

10. Ganes
11. Rizza

12. Nicky

13. Mujahid

14. Tsabita

15. Ghozi

16. Farrel

17. Kautsar

18. Zikri


1. Bulan

2. Nisa

3. Vica

4. Idan 
5. Ocean 
6. Odi

7. Farah

8. Abil

9. Nurma

10. Shafa

11. Davina

12. Fadel

13. Bulan



1. Angela

2. Ariq

3. Ataa

4. Dika

5. Fatimah

6. Huzi

7. Indah

8. Kyla

9. Pristina

10. Putri

11. Bagas

12. Raissa

13. Shoffa

14. Tsamara

15. Zahra

Year 11

1. Via

2. Nadia


Year 12

1. Dimas

SOSE Resources

[SOSE Year 9] Coastal Systems

Assalaamu’alaikum students,

Kindly find the following slides used in the classroom when we learnt about Coastal System. Just follow the steps if you need to download it. You could also, however, read it on my website.

Ow, and those awesome videos that we watched, you can easily find it on the online video stores: YouTUBE! ^__^¬†Just put the keyword: ‘cliff collapse’, ‘coastal erosion good plenary’, ‘Japan tsunami’, and VOILA: bundled of free valuable resources could be accessed as easy as one-two-three (sometimes more, if the connection is not really good of course :P).

By the way, thanks for those contributing to twitter (optional) homework @klastulistiwa as you deserve more points for your effort.

So, this is it. See you in the next topic and as always…

Thanks for surviving in my classroom.

BarakAllaah feekum.

Bu Mierza

SOSE Resources

Remedial for SOSE

The following information is for students who happened to get Final  Exam score lower than the Standard of Achievement  (SOA ). Please make sure that the assignment is submitted by Wednesday,  18 December 2013 at 11.59 p.m to The list of assignment and students requiring to do it is as follow :

Grade 7 : Create comic about the history of Rome  for Haidar,  Ocean, Nabilla,  dan Nuran

Grade  8 : Created a poster or publication about the discoveries made by Muslim  and Renaissance’s scientists and inventors  for Mujahid,  Farel,  Nauval,  Diaulhaq,  Erdy,  and Ghozy.

Grade 9: Create a 200-words essay about the different views of Movements in Australia and Islam for Ataa and Angela

Well then,  that’s it…  I’ll be waiting until the dateline to have it finished and sent to the above mentioned email.

Good luck.  ^_______^

SOSE Resources

Medieval Age

Yaay, finally we have finished discussing about the Medieval Life topic! It was such a breathtaking experience in taking the students to really ‘experience’ what really happened during those times. The loudest gasps were at the time I showed them the video of ‘torturing devices’ used for the trial and when we watched the history of Black Death.¬†

Following is the link to obtain the slides:

We also opened a Medieval Village that have the students explaining about every aspects of medieval life to their peers. Hopefully, by doing it, the students would have comprehended these aspects:

  • Explaining the aspects influenced in the Middle Ages
  • Elaborating the effect of Feudalism and explain the rise of middle class
  • Illustrating the feasts and festivals
  • Describing the roles of Catholic churches
  • Explaining about ways laws are implemented, incl. to Joan of Arc
  • Depicting the signs to impacts of the Black Death
  • Explaining the raise of people power



SOSE Resources

The Vikings 2: SOSE Resource for Year 8


It is such a fun thing to know about ancient civilization in another part of the earth. The ancient one that we have come into is the civilization of Vikings. In Al TAqwa College, Indonesia, we have learnt this one with an active earning method where the students learn using bus stop system as initial learning. The system is like this:

  1. Every group created 5 question of designated chapter, including the answer.
  2. Then, arrange the grouped-tables in circle so every group can have their turn to answer every other group answer
  3. Finally, ask each group to go to other group’s table to answer their questions in every 15 minutes.

This method, for sure, is not the best method to learn. But, at least, the students read the book they have and they also learn to cooperate as a group.


Seeing the students worked, to be honest, make me proud of them. They really strived to finish the task given with the expected manner. Hopefully, they would always have the same manner in every single thing that they do. Amiin.

And finally, here are the outcomes expected from this chapters where the students are able to:

  • Explain the Vikings‚Äô origin, community life, Norse language, and myths
  • Elaborate the roles of beserkers
  • Retell about Viking navigation
  • Illustrate the Viking community life
  • Develop ideas on the End of the Viking Era

Following is the link of the slides used in the classroom: . Please be well-informed that the slides do not cover every detail of the learning since the other sub-chapter are done throughout the lessons using various formats.

SOSE Resources

The Europeans Arrive: 2nd SOSE Resource


In this two weeks, Secondary 9 Al Taqwa College, Indonesia, student have covered the hostory of how Europeans arrived in Australia. For other visitors, please not to get surprised of the material. Perhaps some of you wonder, why Indonesian students study about Australia. It is because the curriculum that I use to teach them is AusVELS (Australian ¬†Victorian Essential Learning Standards) since Al Taqwa Colledge’s parent school is in Australia¬†.

Basically, the students are expected to be able to:

  • Explain the beliefs of Ancient Greek geographers
  • Describe the finding of Botany Bay
  • Explain about Captain Arthur Philllip
  • Describe how convicts transported to Australia and their lives, incl. the female factories
  • Illustrate Macquarie, Melbourne, & new immigrants
  • Portray the whaling colony


The slides of the materials conveyed can be taken from¬† ¬†Hope it helps to better comprehend the lesson. ūüôā

SOSE Resources

First Australians-The First Resource for Y9 Students

My dearest SOSE Students of Y9 Al Taqwa College. Here are the things that I hope you have covered for the first unit of SOSE – First Australians:

    • Describing the origins of indigenous people and language groups
    • Explaining the indigenous lifestyle, conflicts, effects & reaction of Indigenous people and Europeans.
    • Describing the resistance of Indigenous, genocide, and massacres.
    • Retelling about Corranderk and Torres Strait Islanders

The full slide can be downloaded from

What you have to do is:

  1. Click the link and
  2. When you see the option FILE, click and scroll down to choose DOWNLOAD AS (up to you what format you want to have.

Now, we have come to the time of submitting the narrative story (It’s been 2 weeks already!). Be well reminded that the post that will have perfect score is the ones submitted on September 9, 2013 at 11.50 p.m. If you submit later that the due date, it is still accepted with minus 10 for maximum scoring. For example, if you submit on September 10, your maximum score is not 100 but 90. You are still allowed to have revisions even when you have submitted the work.

The descriptors for the work (taken as English and SOSE projects) are as follows:

  1. Having it in a form of narrative story with one make-up character taken from the chapter
  2. Having at least one real historical account taken from the first chapter (First Australians)
  3. Having the tenses of simple past and present perfect

Good Luck! ūüôā