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The Vikings 2: SOSE Resource for Year 8


It is such a fun thing to know about ancient civilization in another part of the earth. The ancient one that we have come into is the civilization of Vikings. In Al TAqwa College, Indonesia, we have learnt this one with an active earning method where the students learn using bus stop system as initial learning. The system is like this:

  1. Every group created 5 question of designated chapter, including the answer.
  2. Then, arrange the grouped-tables in circle so every group can have their turn to answer every other group answer
  3. Finally, ask each group to go to other group’s table to answer their questions in every 15 minutes.

This method, for sure, is not the best method to learn. But, at least, the students read the book they have and they also learn to cooperate as a group.


Seeing the students worked, to be honest, make me proud of them. They really strived to finish the task given with the expected manner. Hopefully, they would always have the same manner in every single thing that they do. Amiin.

And finally, here are the outcomes expected from this chapters where the students are able to:

  • Explain the Vikings’ origin, community life, Norse language, and myths
  • Elaborate the roles of beserkers
  • Retell about Viking navigation
  • Illustrate the Viking community life
  • Develop ideas on the End of the Viking Era

Following is the link of the slides used in the classroom: . Please be well-informed that the slides do not cover every detail of the learning since the other sub-chapter are done throughout the lessons using various formats.

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