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The Europeans Arrive: 2nd SOSE Resource


In this two weeks, Secondary 9 Al Taqwa College, Indonesia, student have covered the hostory of how Europeans arrived in Australia. For other visitors, please not to get surprised of the material. Perhaps some of you wonder, why Indonesian students study about Australia. It is because the curriculum that I use to teach them is AusVELS (Australian  Victorian Essential Learning Standards) since Al Taqwa Colledge’s parent school is in Australia .

Basically, the students are expected to be able to:

  • Explain the beliefs of Ancient Greek geographers
  • Describe the finding of Botany Bay
  • Explain about Captain Arthur Philllip
  • Describe how convicts transported to Australia and their lives, incl. the female factories
  • Illustrate Macquarie, Melbourne, & new immigrants
  • Portray the whaling colony


The slides of the materials conveyed can be taken from  Hope it helps to better comprehend the lesson. 🙂

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