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Medieval Age

Yaay, finally we have finished discussing about the Medieval Life topic! It was such a breathtaking experience in taking the students to really ‘experience’ what really happened during those times. The loudest gasps were at the time I showed them the video of ‘torturing devices’ used for the trial and when we watched the history of Black Death. 

Following is the link to obtain the slides:

We also opened a Medieval Village that have the students explaining about every aspects of medieval life to their peers. Hopefully, by doing it, the students would have comprehended these aspects:

  • Explaining the aspects influenced in the Middle Ages
  • Elaborating the effect of Feudalism and explain the rise of middle class
  • Illustrating the feasts and festivals
  • Describing the roles of Catholic churches
  • Explaining about ways laws are implemented, incl. to Joan of Arc
  • Depicting the signs to impacts of the Black Death
  • Explaining the raise of people power



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