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First Australians-The First Resource for Y9 Students

My dearest SOSE Students of Y9 Al Taqwa College. Here are the things that I hope you have covered for the first unit of SOSE – First Australians:

    • Describing the origins of indigenous people and language groups
    • Explaining the indigenous lifestyle, conflicts, effects & reaction of Indigenous people and Europeans.
    • Describing the resistance of Indigenous, genocide, and massacres.
    • Retelling about Corranderk and Torres Strait Islanders

The full slide can be downloaded from

What you have to do is:

  1. Click the link and
  2. When you see the option FILE, click and scroll down to choose DOWNLOAD AS (up to you what format you want to have.

Now, we have come to the time of submitting the narrative story (It’s been 2 weeks already!). Be well reminded that the post that will have perfect score is the ones submitted on September 9, 2013 at 11.50 p.m. If you submit later that the due date, it is still accepted with minus 10 for maximum scoring. For example, if you submit on September 10, your maximum score is not 100 but 90. You are still allowed to have revisions even when you have submitted the work.

The descriptors for the work (taken as English and SOSE projects) are as follows:

  1. Having it in a form of narrative story with one make-up character taken from the chapter
  2. Having at least one real historical account taken from the first chapter (First Australians)
  3. Having the tenses of simple past and present perfect

Good Luck! 🙂