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It’s been almost a year that I jumbled with the classes of Al Taqwa Colege Sentul. Some of their masterpiece have captured our writing journey throughout the days. Some of the works were captured on tdifferent media, however, due to the challenge of our so-called internet connection. Well, that’s the art of living a bit far from civilization.

So, feel free to click on the links and be rejuvenated by the young minds of these talents! ūüôā


1. Ihsan

2. Rizna

3. Cut

4. Salsa

5. Nada

6. Erdy

7. Ulhaq

8. Hilmi

9. Leon

10. Ganes
11. Rizza

12. Nicky

13. Mujahid

14. Tsabita

15. Ghozi

16. Farrel

17. Kautsar

18. Zikri


1. Bulan

2. Nisa

3. Vica

4. Idan 
5. Ocean 
6. Odi

7. Farah

8. Abil

9. Nurma

10. Shafa

11. Davina

12. Fadel

13. Bulan



1. Angela

2. Ariq

3. Ataa

4. Dika

5. Fatimah

6. Huzi

7. Indah

8. Kyla

9. Pristina

10. Putri

11. Bagas

12. Raissa

13. Shoffa

14. Tsamara

15. Zahra

Year 11

1. Via

2. Nadia


Year 12

1. Dimas

Lectures of Life, My Reflection, Teacher's Professional Development

Integrate Poverty Topic in ELT to Promote Character

Mierza's ICCE Pic 2011Well, this is my first presentation in international conference which is not language-related. I was interested with the ‘character improvement’ of my students, so I tried integrating poverty issues in my ELT (English Language Teaching). I was astonished since the lessons even taught me that I knew nothing about poverty. I learnt a lot from my students who have been living around and struggling to get out of it.

So, I tried to share to the world what we had done in the classroom and as a school system since at the moment the school also integrated the pillars of character. Surprisingly, most of the audience had no clue that the characters of the students would be best cultivated if it is part of the school system – more than just daily interventions.

Alhamdulillaah, I was fully supported by the school to present my paper there. Here are the slides and papers that I presented at the International Conference of Character Education held in University of Yogyakarta.

Englicious Resources, My Reflection, Teacher's Professional Development

Incorporating Global Warming Issues in ELT

This is my second presentation slides and presentation which happened to be my first ‘appearance’ at an international conference. The event was organized by¬†TEFLIN and UPI Bandung on November 1-3, 2010. The paper itself was actually a continuation of the research I had made as presented at Ma Chung University.

Surprisingly, at that conference, I won the¬†Alwasilah-Teflin Award¬†as the best paper! Alhamdulillaah, I (who happened to be expecting my second child at that time) could bring home Rp 1.000.000 from the conference. I supposed that it was the gift for my baby. ūüôā

The Presentation

The Paper 

Englicious Resources, My Reflection, Teacher's Professional Development

Promoting Environmental Sustainability in EFL Classroom

This is my first presentation and paper written to be presented at Ma Chung University on¬†National Conference of Literature and Language Teaching (NACOLLIT) in 2010. It was also the first time for me presenting and talking in front of different audience, i.e. not my own students. ūüôā But then, alhamdulillaah, Allah gave me the strength and courage to move on. And now, I am addicted to share more.

The Slides

The Paper (ISBN 978-979-17959-6-8)