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Remedial for SOSE

The following information is for students who happened to get Final  Exam score lower than the Standard of Achievement  (SOA ). Please make sure that the assignment is submitted by Wednesday,  18 December 2013 at 11.59 p.m to The list of assignment and students requiring to do it is as follow :

Grade 7 : Create comic about the history of Rome  for Haidar,  Ocean, Nabilla,  dan Nuran

Grade  8 : Created a poster or publication about the discoveries made by Muslim  and Renaissance’s scientists and inventors  for Mujahid,  Farel,  Nauval,  Diaulhaq,  Erdy,  and Ghozy.

Grade 9: Create a 200-words essay about the different views of Movements in Australia and Islam for Ataa and Angela

Well then,  that’s it…  I’ll be waiting until the dateline to have it finished and sent to the above mentioned email.

Good luck.  ^_______^

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