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Uncovering the Past and Ancient Egypt

It is true that the history is so fascinating. We can learn and relearn from it as it would teach us not to do the ‘sam mistakes done in history.”

Well, those were the things learnt by Year 7 Al Taqwa College students for this term. Theyl earnt that to uncover the  history, some evidences have to be gathered, analyzes, before a hypotheses is taken. Yup… a hypotheses, ladies and gentlemen… So the history can be ‘re-concluded’ once there are new evidences found.

Well, basically, for the first chapter, Uncovering the past, I would expect the students to master these points:

  • Tracking history and explore reasons to study it
  • Explaining the jobs of historians and related experts
  • Evaluating evidence (incl. facts and opinions) through the methods
  • Describing the periods and block of history
  • Explaining about civilization
  • Keeping an open mind on hypotheses & mystery

As for the link of the slide can be clicked for this chapter is:



As for the second chapter, we learnt the beauty of the Ancient Egypt, from the civilization, mummification, and even the gods they believed. One student said that he felt a mythical feeling when he watched the movie about gods… spooky, isn’t it?

Well, hopefully after the weeks we spent, the students would have understood these points:

  • Covering aspects i.e. living arrangements, women’s roles, hieroglyphics, trade & craft, religion, pyramids, burial practices & mummification, 
  • Looking at aspects above that changed over time over time; develop timelines on key events in ancient Egypt

Parts of those points (since I also used some Youtube videos and worksheet) could be read on the slide I posted on this link: 





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