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Integrate Poverty Topic in ELT to Promote Character

Mierza's ICCE Pic 2011Well, this is my first presentation in international conference which is not language-related. I was interested with the ‘character improvement’ of my students, so I tried integrating poverty issues in my ELT (English Language Teaching). I was astonished since the lessons even taught me that I knew nothing about poverty. I learnt a lot from my students who have been living around and struggling to get out of it.

So, I tried to share to the world what we had done in the classroom and as a school system since at the moment the school also integrated the pillars of character. Surprisingly, most of the audience had no clue that the characters of the students would be best cultivated if it is part of the school system – more than just daily interventions.

Alhamdulillaah, I was fully supported by the school to present my paper there. Here are the slides and papers that I presented at the International Conference of Character Education held in University of Yogyakarta.

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