My Reflection

Car Free Day

Going out of the jungle for sure rejuvenate my soul, mind, and recharge my energy. Being ‘stucked’, or should I say choosing to get stucked – in a middle of a jungle almost make me numb. Yes.. I know… We have the so called www to get ourselves updated, but come on… aren’t our five senses also need non-virtual be sensed?

So there I went… Jakarta… To advance my degree at the Open University for every 4 weekends in that semester (At the time I blogged this, I just did my final exam). What I love is.. not the journey or being in the city but.. This:

Yup… Jakarta Car Free Day on every Sunday. I love to watch the urbans – from children to adults, students to executives – breaking their habit. I believe it got challengers at the beginning of implementation. But… Look! They seemed to enjoy the freedom among those sky crapper… Some of companies use it for team building

Indomaret Employees

and even as promotion and campaign media

Anlene Promo

And it made me realize: I MISS CIVILIZATION ~___~.

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