My Reflection

A Case Against Ranked School Report

Reading Pak Marsudi W. Kisworo’s blog (he’s the Head of Perbanas) entitled “Guru yang Melahirkan Kehebatan (dari Rhenald Kasali)” reminds me to a national event held a couple of month ago: The Independence Day of Indonesia on 17 August 2011…

In this site, we celebrated it by starting the day with a flag ceremony. All employees of the companies – I live in a sugar cane site where all employees are provided housings and free education (How lucky we are!) – as well as the school communities gathered in a field.

One of the agenda is to announce the students with the best achievements. The first rank students- as they would call them literally translated. And there you go, one by one students were called by the announcers…

At a glance, I saw a wishful face of my students… wishing that they would be called as well. But that would not happen since the number of students called were even less that one percent. Some students might think that it would be such a fantasy to be appreciated like that. To be known to be the best… the best that they can be however.

It has been far too long that we put exaggerated priority on the cognitive level of the students. I professionally think – as an educator – instead of encouraging them, it would be the other way around. How about some students who are improved their interpersonal skill who do not face any difficulties in mingling with anyone. Or the ones who have a strong character that they could be the a promising leader. Why don’t we also put them in the “rank”?

How long will we be trapped in this “ranking system” that only creates more and more problems in maintaining characters? We have been through some years in which cheating is considered not special anymore in facing the national exam. How could we build better generations if this continues to happen?

The questions.. I bet… should be answered by myself. I should continue my fight to put forward this case… against the ranked school report. So that the future generations can be well acknowledged more than their brain to be the best in the class room, but to be the best that they can be.

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