Students' Masterpieces

The Menu for 2011-2012

Welcome the new generation of Ibu Mierza’s Englicious Students 2011-2012! Yup… We are starting fresh and rejuvenated in this delicious English classroom. We’re not going to only to prepare you to be the best that you can be in using English, but also to have fun with it.

The main topic for the first semester will be about the Glocal Poverty Issues happening around us. The appetizer is on the introduction to Glocal Poverty itself by being in it through a theatrical performance. Afterward, I invite you to investigate the causes and effects of Glocal Poverty and result a sequences based on your own analysis. And finally, the semester will end with the fascinating desert of your rebuttal opinions and arguments on what YOU can do to overcome poverty (I personally never believe in the word ABOLISH POVERTY).

As for the second semester, at a glance, I will show you that preparing for the next step to your future – a.k.a. The National Exam – can be also as delicious as dining itself. We’re going to cherish every moment of it and make it as wonderful as we can… in our very own Englicious Classroom. Hopefully you are patient enough in waiting for it to happen.

Well, happy tasting the deli of English and tell the world – through your blog – that you are the Glocal Generation!

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