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5 Gifts from Munif Chatib’s Session

On October 8, 2011, the rain would not stop 8 teachers and I to go to a seminar in Tanjung Karang. Even it was raining cats and dogs, we gathered in front of the Single Quarter (the lodgings provided by the company for single teachers or those having no child at the site) at five – not really punctual though, all of us departed 10 minutes afterward :P.


We arrived at 7.50, 10 minutes earlier since the seminar started at eight. The committee welcomed us warmly. They even  showed us the way to their canteen (maybe it was really shown that we were REALLY starving.. Hahaha! – “Come on, we departed at 5!” as we always defended ourselves :D)

About the seminar itself.

Since it was held in Sekolah Global Madani, an Islamic school, the first agenda after the opening speeches is Al Qur’an recitation. It was so amazing to see a high school student reciting it without reading.

Now… What we have been waiting for: MUNIF CHATIB *applause*

I do not remember exactly what he presented, but I always remember the 5 gifts teachers should give when she comes into a classroom.

1. To see that every child is a STAR

 Every human is a masterpiece. Calling – or even thinking – names to be given to a child such as stupid, lazy, or any other names would only discourage them. Every child is born to be a star of their own…

2. To understand the OCEAN of their capacities

The slides show a turn-around pyramid. From the biggest to smallest space, it was written:

– Ahlaq – affective

– Creativity – psycho motor

– Cognitive

If we can combine them, not only focusing on the last smallest portion i.e. cognitive, we could have the best final  result: THE BENEFIT

3. To find out the TREASURE in every child

He redefined the term INTELLIGENCE into HABIT. By creating activities that will provoke them to improve their CREATIVITY and PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS.

He also put forward the danger of forcing students’ cognitive aspect. It will finally make their character and creativity to withdrawn and finally will create a COGNITIVE SHUT DOWN. We have to make sure, as a teacher, we give proper stimulus, in order to help them developing their competence.

What we have to bear in mind is that one’s intelligence is not related  to their physical and brain conditions as well as the result of standardized tests. Yet, it is closely related to DISCOVERING ABILITY, THE PROPER PLACE, and BENEFIT.

4. DIVING to discover their ability

As educators, we have to train ourselves to find out their abilities, NOT heir inabilities. As what we have known before, there are 9 multiple intelligence. We have to be able to find out what intelligence surfaces from every child.

5. Find out their talent

Every child has a potential to have a talent. If one has found it, it could grow into a hobby, and developed into ability, which is supported by their interest, and finally could go more serious into their hobby.


The way he packed the session is interesting. Especially at the time he used some videos of children whom we might think that they could go that far.

Well. actually we expected more from this seminar. We expect something applicative so we can share and apply it in the classroom. However, the school promise to hold a workshop on that one. After then… I have no more to say… Let’s see….



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