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Versi Unyu-Unyu Blooms’ Taxonomy

Pagi-pagi nongkrong di facebook sambil blogwalking memang seru, apalagi kalau nemu yang begini. Hehe…

Blooms Taxonomy emang gak ada matinya. Sejak pertama berkenalan dan mulai pakai formulanya di kelas, saya lebih sering dibuat tercengang sama hasil akhirnya: my students and their masterpieces!

It can dig into their full potential beyond the classroom! Saya ulangi ya… beyond… melewati tembok-tembok ruang kelas, mashaAllah.

So, teachers, enjoy the infographic…  intinya sama namun lebih unyu-unyu pastinya.


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My Reflection

What Makes (a) Teacher Happy in a Classroom

Countless literatures have suggested lots of things for teachers to learn to make sure the students happy. But, how many readings really show what things students could do that could make teachers happy? (At this point, if you are a student, you may say “What?” – or if you are a teacher, you may say “Finally!”)

Umm.. this post – however – does not really talk the scientific ways. What I want to say is something natural… something expected by humans… since teachers ARE humans, right?  So this post would view my one-and-only point of view after teaching for more than 8 years in schools with different systems and cultures.

So, here we go with the list of things that could make a teacher (read: ME) happy.

1. Being warmly greeted 

Well, this is normal, I believe. But honestly, as a teacher,  I would be very happy if a student (the ones I teach or not) greet me. A simple smile would be enough should ones don’t feel like greeting. 🙂

2. Being listened to

This what makes it super different between hearing and listening. When you listen, you really put the effort of trying to figure out “What in the world is this person talking about, eh?” It really erases my fatigue of preparing those lesson plans and teaching preparation. Well, for sure, sometimes I do not make myself clear. If that happens, it would lead to my next happiness…

 3. Being asked (while teaching)

This factor is following factor number 2: being listened to. Sometimes, I vibe different ‘frequency’ or ‘language’ when I explain or present something in front of people. Then, if my listener(s) ask questions related to my presentation – not like, “May I go to the rest room?” type of question – I would be super happy! Any kinds of questions would enrich both sides of the parties and  make the brain think!

4. When students/ audience do what is told

This last but not least item is the most important one, I assume. It really highlight everything I have been explaining. Well, I am the kind of teacher who believes in the magic of ‘active learning’. I’ve been seeing examples of how my students still ‘use’ it even after they graduate. They still remember what they have acquired in my classroom (not what they listen). So, if they do what they are told, it will (insyaAllah) bring benefits for them. Their body will help ‘memorizing’ the things I am supposed to teach.

My Students: Source of Happiness
My Students: Source of Happiness

Basically, those would be all I could remember (and type) about the things that make me (as a teacher in  a classroom) happy. Actually, there are more than just four. But for now, having those for has made me more than grateful for being a teacher.