My Reflection

The Hat Attack!


Say What???

No worries, this kind of invasion only happens once a year and the impact is only for the good laugh for creativity made by the community in the school units.

So, what is the hat attack? Um… originally named Creative Hat in on of the  thematic Fridays in the Sugar Group Schools – a group of schools unit owned by the Sugar Group Companies. This post will review on the uniqueness of hat creations, ideas, even up to the interpretation of ‘creative hat’ itself. (Eh?)

Most of the students come up with creative ideas. Some student come up with an idea of creating hats using newspaper…

Marvelous Paper Hats
The JakPost Ambassador
More Newspaphats

Not enough? Maybe adding some balloons will make it have a sense of.. um.. art? 😛

Ready to fly? 😛

Construction and thick papers will work the beauty. Check these ones:

Need a Rainbow, Ma'am?
The Angry Bird Attack
Hat Paper Beauty
The Circus Hat

Or… if you have more time… maybe you can try the idea of this great spider straw hat (I gave two thumbs up for this one :D)

The Spidey Straw Hat

Some others have great ideas with flannel fabric…

Flannel hat that beautifies the owners ;P

See how it beautifies them? :P.

Ow… and check these cool hat ideas:

A hat that talks
Other Hat Ideas
It's Cesarean Time!
'Let's Go to Bank' Hat
Lady Marmalade

And there are also some ‘interpretations’ of what hats should be… like these ones 😀

A reinterpretation of a hat (or a mask) ;P
A Hatwig!

Phew… actually, I haven’t shown you all but I guess the tour has shown you the bottom line that creative ideas really do need creative (and crazy) people to apply it. I really enjoy the sight in every corner of the school though!

Hope that I will see crazier ideas in the next thematic friday!


See You!