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Welcome to Englicious, 12 Graders!

Now we are starting fresh and getting ready to be rejuvenated in the classroom. The main topic (as always) will be the glocal issues happening around us. This year, we will deal with our own way of Perceiving the World Differently through  topic of Global Poverty, as well as to find out our role in maintaining Environmental Sustainability through the issue of Global Warming (Between Myth and Reality), and of course Рsince this class will face the what is so-called National Exam, the final menu on the list is Preparing for the Future that mostly will deal with types of texts and expressions.

The things we cover will most likely be as follow:

  1. Expressions for : suggesting, begging, complaining, discussing possibilities to do something, giving commands, acknowledging one’s fault, promises, blaming, expressing curiosity, stating stances, persuading, suggesting, criticizing, giving expectation, reminding, showing regrets, making plans, stating purpose and aim, giving prediction, speculating, and giving opinion.
  2. Types of text: narrative, explanation, discussion, and review.
  3. All the things that most likely will appear in the National Exam.

Well, happy tasting the deli of English and tell the world – through your blog – that you are the Glocal Generation!

Note: Herewith I attached the  Assessment Rubric for Engliciousclass Blog Project 2010.


Ms. M