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[SOSE Year 9] Coastal Systems

Assalaamu’alaikum students,

Kindly find the following slides used in the classroom when we learnt about Coastal System. Just follow the steps if you need to download it. You could also, however, read it on my website.

Ow, and those awesome videos that we watched, you can easily find it on the online video stores: YouTUBE! ^__^ Just put the keyword: ‘cliff collapse’, ‘coastal erosion good plenary’, ‘Japan tsunami’, and VOILA: bundled of free valuable resources could be accessed as easy as one-two-three (sometimes more, if the connection is not really good of course :P).

By the way, thanks for those contributing to twitter (optional) homework @klastulistiwa as you deserve more points for your effort.

So, this is it. See you in the next topic and as always…

Thanks for surviving in my classroom.

BarakAllaah feekum.

Bu Mierza

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